Gamer Got Roasted on Reddit Because of ‘Wrong’ WASD Usage Style

Reddit user xboxdude1 shared the news that he just found out how to properly use WASD keys and understood that his way of usage his whole life was wrong. And oh boy, other Reddit users did not show mercy on this user.

WASD are bound as movement keys in the majority of games, and gamers use these keys most when gaming. And not to forget space, which allows your character to jump in most games, which will be pressed with your thumb. But this Reddit user apparently used which could be called as most uncomfortable positioning of fingers that we’ve ever seen.

Let us show you the Reddit post, you will understand our pain for this gamer. Looks like other Reddit users have shown concern on the matter, but a bit harsh.

Comments on the matter are pretty harsh, considering most of the people find this style of using the WASD keys uncomfortable. To be honest, it’s pretty impressive that xboxdude1 kept on playing with that style for a long time. We wish him a better gaming experience from now on!

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