Twitch Changes Its Policy For Words Like ‘simp’

As announced by Twitch, changes were made to the conduct and harassment policy, also putting a ban on the Confederate flag, blackface, and more. Twitch describes the changes as it would “look at the content of statements or actions in order to determine whether a behavior is abusive and violates our guidelines, rather than relying solely on perceived intent”

Twitch planned out three live streams to explain the new rules and procedure and answer questions if asked. The changes will take effect in January, and the second of those planned live streams took place yesterday, and Twitch COO Sara Clemens said that words ‘simp’ and ‘incel’ will be considered as insults and won’t be allowed for usage anymore.

In addition to those changes, we now have a ‘Sexual Harassment’ category separate from the ‘Harassment’ section we already had. It has the topics of “unwanted sexual advances, sexual harassment, and sexual bullying.”, basically giving detailed information on unwanted behavior like “making derogatory statements about another person’s perceived sexual practices or sexual morality.”

This updated policy will be installed on January 22, looks like a step towards preventing sexual harassment, bullying, and insulting.

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