MiSK Charity Buys 33.3% of SNK, Controversial Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is Looking to Become Majority Owner of SNK

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia bought 33.3% of SNK as MiSK Charity. MiSK Charity has stated that they are looking to purchase 51% in the future and get majority ownership of SNK, which developed games such as King of Fighters, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, and others.

It cost MiSK ~$216 million to purchase 33.3% of SNK, which makes the company value about $862 million.

Yesterday MiSK made a statement about the move to acquire the majority of SNK, it’s about “empowering Saudi men and women through building economic partnerships, as part of the institution’s updated strategy to maximize the impact on youth empowerment.

MiSK also had cooperated with SNK on video game projects, additionally making training programs for enthusiastic Saudi game developers.

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