Rockstar Introduces GTA Online’s New Heist Update and Location

Heists are one of the key features of Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer mode, GTA Online, but given its scale, it is often unlikely that new ones will be introduced with updates. The first video teaser that looks like the game’s next heist expansion is now out and could reveal a new location coming into the game.

Rockstar has been making some new additions to the game’s Diamond Casino and Resort recently. Players have been warned of the ongoing construction-related noise levels in Diamond, but this new teaser video suggests we’ll add a completely new location to the game.

The most recent GTA Online heist was Diamond Casino Heist, which was added in late 2019. This involved building a retro arcade business that would serve as a front for the operation itself.

GTA Online continues to be strong, proving to be an ongoing significant moneymaker for Rockstar. The company plans to bring the game to next-generation consoles, but no exact release date or improvements have been announced for the PS5 and Xbox Series X / Series S versions. When it arrives, PS Plus members will have three months to gain free access to the standalone version of GTA Online, which will be released next year. Meanwhile, PlayStation players who subscribe to Plus can earn free in-game currency for each month they play.

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