Red Comet Scares The Players Of Final Fantasy 14

Chocobos, which are mounts that can also join you in combat, have been in Final Fantasy 14 for years. But there is a different one. The red Chocobo is exactly murdering people.

The 5.35 patch of the game was released on Monday, but it didn’t take too long for murderous red Chocobo to spread all around. The truth is that the players are not scared of any old red Chocobos; they have a specific enemy. A new system called “critical engagements” that allows players to queue up for battles where they fight on behalf of the Bozjan Resistance is added to the game with the latest patch. The players come across a new Chocobo called “Red Comet” in some of these battles. These battles may include tens of players against the new Chocobo, but there is no problem for Red Comet.

Murdered by the Red Comet, players realized that it’s so brutal because it summons red meteors to blast a huge swath of the battlefield. And players started to post about this in a humorous way. And we gathered some of them for you.

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