PS5 User Interface Officially Announced by Sony

PS5 UI is announced by Sony. The news comes as part of a PlayStation Blog post that delves into the new console’s user experience and reveals a few new features coming to the PS5 when it launches next month. One of the features of the new system is the Control Center, which provides instant access to what you need and can be called up by pressing the PS button on the new DualSense controller. From the Control Center, you can view contacts online, check downloads, manage your controllers, and more.

There’s also a brand new feature called Events that allows players to discover new game opportunities, return to missed things, jump straight to the levels or challenges you want to play, and much more. Event cards can be accessed directly from the control center, and some can be viewed as picture-in-picture, meaning you don’t have to leave the game to see them.

An example from Sackboy: A Big Adventure is shown; Here the user can open an activity card for a running level to see the goals to complete. From this menu, they can also find the estimated game time required to complete the level. If players wish, they can press resume on an activity to advance to the selected level, and if the user is a PlayStation Plus subscriber, they can also access the game help, if they click on one of the goals, they can view screenshots.

Users will also be able to join friends hosted parties and games directly from the control center thanks to the PS5’s SSD, and switch games quickly. A new media sharing system also allows you to dictate captions for screenshots before sharing, and the screenshots will be covered by a spoiler alert for players who may not have seen that part of the game yet.

Also, Sony states that they have rebuilt the entire software stack from console to network to make the user experience faster. “We believe that the less time you spend waiting to interact with the system, the more time you will spend playing the game,” he explained in the article.

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