Sega develops the live-action Yakuza movie

Variety reports that Sega is currently developing a live-action movie based on 1212 Entertainment and Wild Sheep Content, as well as the Yakuza franchise. Studios are looking for someone to write the script.

The Yakuza games follow Kazuma Kiryu, a permanent member of the Japanese mafia. Kiryu and various wild characters participate in various mini-games in Japan and try to unravel some of the central mystery affecting Yakuza. The series, which started during the PlayStation 2 period, followed Kiryu from his young adult life to his middle age.

The games typically worked as action RPGs, but the upcoming Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a turn-based RPG.

We know that Kiryu will be starring in the movie Yakuza, based on the word of a representative from 1212.

1212 Variety tells us that Yakuza offers us a new playground where we can set up intriguing stories with complex characters in a unique setting that audiences have rarely seen before. He also points out that Kazuma Kiryu’s epic has an established cinematic appeal, a mix of comedy explosions and kinetic action, multiple converging stories and an immersive journey towards salvation.

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