Mike Morhaime founded his new game company Dreamhaven

Entertainment’s former CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime, along with some experienced names from the industry, announced that he established a new game company called Dreamhaven.

Dreamhaven is a company that aims to create and publish original games and has set up its first two studios for this: Moonshot and Secret Door.

Morhaime says he’s very excited to meet people who care deeply about games and players. He also says that no matter what, he has always believed in the power of games to bring people together and look forward to creating and sharing new experiences for players from all over the world with Dreamhaven.

Jason Chayes, Dustin Browder, and Ben Thompson lead Moonshot Games. Chayes was one of the Executive Producers who led the Hearthstone team at Blizzard, then became a director at Electronic Arts. Browder has worked on productions such as StarCraft II, Heroes of the Storm, Command, and Conquer, and The Lord of the Rings. Thompson was the Creative Director of Hearthstone. Moonshot is made up of developers working on some of the most popular series in the game world.

Secret Door is led by Chris Sigaty, Alan Dabiri, and Eric Dodds. Sigaty previously executive produced Hearthstone, StarCraft II, and Heroes of the Storm, as well as executive producer of the original Warcraft III. Dodds was the first director of Hearthstone. Dabiri, on the other hand, held directing roles in Warcraft III, StarCraft II, and Heroes of the Storm.

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