Tom Holland Spoke About the Uncharted Movie

In an Instagram live stream broadcast by Tom Holland, the actor explained that the filming of the besieged Uncharted movie was going very well. Speaking about his various projects, the actor also briefly touched on the progress in the Uncharted movie.

“Shooting is going very well,” said Holland. “The movie looks like everything I can imagine. I mean, I don’t know if you played the games or not, but I was a huge fan of the game and I’m really pleased.”

Many events have developed for the Uncharted movie since we first heard about it in 2009. After losing six directors from Sony’s scheduled release date is December 2020 (later delayed again due to COVID-19), things went wrong. It was a troubled time for the project and at some point, it looked like the film would begin without a director. But in March, a seventh director appeared (Ruben Fleischer).

In February, Holland said that the movie tells the origin story of the plays and that the script is one of the best books he’s ever read. If everything goes as planned and no trouble occurs, we can see it released in July 2021. Tom Holland also said, ” Uncharted movie has different features than most video game movies. Even if you played the games, you didn’t see what would happen in the movie. Also, if you haven’t played the games, you’ll enjoy the movie because everyone else will learn at the same time. I’m very excited and impatient to make this movie.”

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