The Batman: Trailer Review

The Batman movie teaser trailer starring Robert Pattinson is revealed at DC FanDome. We can call this teaser the first look at the movie The Batman from the frame of Robert Pattinson.

The Batman trailer is revealed at DC FanDome. Although Ben Affleck is the first name considered for the “Batman” character, a new direction is drawn under the leadership of Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson takes the lead role. Robert Pattinson is accompanied by Zoë Kravitz( Catwoman), Paul Dano(Riddler), Colin Farrell(Penguin), Andy Serkis(Alfred Pennyworth), and Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Jim Gordon).

The Batsuit video came out before filming for The Batman movie started. After the Batcycle set photos and Batsuit video, the film’s producer Reeves presented the images of the Batmobile. With these images, fans could learn a little about the movie, but it’s not enough. The reason for the delay in the movie is the Covid-19. The pandemic affected the film industry like everything else. According to Kravitz, the reason for the delay of the Catwoman costume is the pandemic. But the production will continue shooting next month and the movie will be released in 2021.

In the panel on DC Fandom, Reeves announced the trailer for the movie The Batman. Reeves stated that they have completed only 25-30 percent of the film. We can say that this trailer is a very small part to be seen in the movie and future trailers. Check it out below.

According to the trailer, it appears that the main villain targeting the Dark Knight is the Riddler. Gordon asks Batman if he knows anything about riddles and investigates the crimes the Riddler has committed. Riddler seems to have killed Gotham mayor Don Mitchell Jr. We also see Catwoman in the trailer, but as Reeves said in the panel, the Catwoman costume will be improved.

However, the biggest clues in the trailer are about Batman. Batman has made a name for himself as a vigilante in Gotham. It is unclear what the Gotham police’s attitude will be towards Batman. Although Batman appears to be consulting Gordon about the mayor’s murder, he later appears to be pushing a group of police officers during an argument. Also, Batman is too brutal when fighting a gang member and beats him more than necessary. Then we see with the phrase “I’m vengeance” new Batman has dark sides. With this trailer, we felt the excitement of the new Batman.

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