Gameplay Video Of Black Myth: Wu Kong Has Been Released

Black Myth: Wu Kong, which deals with the ‘Journey to the West’ theme, managed to attract people with a 13-minutes gameplay video.

Even if the game has has been in development phase for a while, the gameplay video has just been shared. The game seems cool in terms of both visual effects and playing.

Black Myth: Wu Kong is a product of a story of ‘Journey to the West’, to which we are familiar from cinema or games. Developed by Chinese Game Science company, the game will include RPG dynamics as well as the action structure. When looking at the gameplay video, we can say that the game is following the Souls games with both its progress and boss fights. Moreover, it is more like Sekiro in terms of its speed.

the game which is developed by Unreal Engine 4, will be released for consoles other than PC. But it has yet to be announced to which platforms it will come. Moreover, the game is from Pre Alpha version and the Lion King that the players will lead, has 72 different capabilities.

You can get access to the Black Myth: Wu Kong gameplay video with the link below.

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