Great Man For Rockstar Has Left The Company

Working in the Rockstar for 20 years in various positions such as producer, radio host, voice actor, and writer, Vet Lazlow has left the company. There can be seen a mark form Vet Lazlow in every GTA game since the release of GTA 3, additionally; he worked in other Rockstar projects, for example, Red Dead Redemption II.

Actually, a YouTuber called GTAMen spotted his leaving from the company in a Lazlow’s page before, and this shows he must have left the company before April of this year. Lazlow joined the company in April of 2001; and after six months of this day, Grand Theft Auto 3 would be released. There was another departure in the company, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, Don Hauser left the company one month before Lazlow.

With the games that came after GTA 3, the fans of the game started to admire Lazlow as he made weird things as a radio DJ in almost every GTA game. He took part in GTA 5 for the first time in the series, but he was shown physically in cutscenes and played a minor role in the story. Players also saw him in the nightclub update of GTA Online.

We don’t know the reason behind the Lazlow’s left, but we know that he is working on shows for both Disney and Netflix and he is working in a consultancy position for a video game company.

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