Netflix Starts Planning For A New The Witcher Series

Netflix has officially begun preparations for a second live-action series in the world of The Witcher. According to the statement, the name of the new series will be The Witcher: Blood Origin. It is stated that Blood Origin was prepared as a six-part mini-series.

The Blood Origin series will tell about 1200 years before The Witcher. So there will be no Geralt or other popular characters we know. Instead, we will follow the origin story of the first Witcher of the Witcher world. Also, “Conjuction of the Spheres”, one of the most important events in the Witcher world and bringing monsters, people and elves together, will be the main topics of the series.

The cast of the Blood Origin series has not been announced yet. It was stated that the producers of The Witcher, published last year, Lauren Hissrich and Declan De Barra will be producers of Blood Origin. However, the writers or directors of the series are not yet clear.

The Witcher series, starring Henry Cavill, was released last December and soon achieved great popularity. The first season of The Witcher, which was watched by 76 million subscribers in the first four weeks, managed to become the most popular season in Netflix history with a significant difference.

Earlier this year, a Witcher anime series was announced. Now a bigger investment has arrived and preparations for a second live-action series have begun. The Witcher world will continue to grow on Netflix.

The Witcher: Blood Origin’s release date is not yet clear.

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