Batman: Death In The Family Trailer Released

Although the films that entered the vision in 2020 continued in a very painful way, digital broadcasting services caught a breakthrough in this pandemic process. The DC / WB partnership also wants to follow this rising trend. New ones are added to the DC animation films that have been going on for a very long time. Another movie of this year will be Batman: Death in the Family. The first trailer from the movie was released.

Death in the Family, which will appear as an adaptation of the iconic comic book published in 1988, is considered one of the best Batman stories in history. DC, who published the comic book in 1988, performed an action that was a first in history for that time. The end of Death in the Family was set interactively! We decided to end the story by calling the company over the phone and at the end of the 80s we witnessed the first interactive comic book in history.

The readers, who decided the fate of Robin Todd of the period, will witness the end of Robin in the animated film this time for the first time in history. The voice of the film, written and directed by Brandon Vietti, includes names such as Bruce Greenwood, Zehra Fazal, Vincent Martella, and John DiMaggio. Batman: Death in The Family will be released in the fall semester of this year.

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