July 23 Microsoft Xbox Series X Games Event

Xbox Series X games event had been scheduled to be held on July 23 by Microsoft and it had a lot of news to players. This event; unlike May event, which was held particularly for third-party games, was held mostly for Xbox Series X games from Microsoft. Moreover, it has revealed the gameplay for launch title Halo Infinite, including additional announcements for new Forza and Fable games.

Although there are some questions, like whether the games such as Fable and Forza games will be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC, each game that took place on the event will be available through Xbox Game Pass. All in all, we have a lot to learn about these games and Xbox Series X, which has not got a release date or price, yet.

Here the games represented at the event:


Halo Infinite


Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2

State of Decay 3

Forza Motorsport

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide




Phantasy Star Online 2

Tetris Effect: Connected

The Gunk

Destiny 2: Beyon Light

Stalker 2

Dragon Quest 11 S


Echo Generation

Watch Dogs: Legion

Hello Neighbor 2


Balan Wonderworld

Tell Me Why

The Outer Worlds


As Dusk Falls

Psychonauts 2

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