Great Love For Mortal Shell Beta

We’ve already been following the Mortal Shell with interest for a while. The game started the “Closed Beta” adventure a couple of days ago, but the players have been competing with each other to take the closed beta code. Cold Symmetry started to make sweepstake on social media and the interest they see was really great.
Then, Cold Symmetry made a declaration and announced that they unlocked the Mortal Shell PC Beta for everyone. The developers who say “We expected interest but not that much! We weren’t willing to make people out of beta and we decided to unlock beta for everyone on PC” are so satisfied for the interest they see.
A lot of people has downloaded the game, which is as much as 6 GB, and they are of the opinion that the game is very hard even for the players of “Souls”. It takes some time to get used to some game timings. There are some sides to be criticized, however, i tis important to remember it is “beta”.
Moreover, especially graphic performance and the optimization are in high level and also we see new mechanics in the game.
You can download the game from the ‘Epic Games Store’.

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