Evo Has Been Cancelled Due to Exploitation Claims

The Evo tournament, the biggest fight game event of the year, was going to be organized online this year because of the pandemic. But Evo has been effected badly by the sexual harassment and exploitation that recently hit the world game, too. With the discovery that Joey Cuellar had relationships with the boys, who were underage, in the 90’s and 2000’s, all eyes were turned to Evo.
Evo declared that the investigation had been started Wednesday, but last night it was declared that he was fired from the organization and the relationship came to en end.
But after the news, firstly Capcom informed that he left the Evo. If we thought that Capcom is the person behind the Street Fighter series, hiss loss would be a big shock for the tournament. A large part of players, including SonicFox, one of the most famous players of the tournament, informed that they would not attend the tournament. After all this news, Evo announced in its official declaration that the tournament was cancelled.
What is told about Cuellar, known as Mr Wizard in the Evo circle, is really terrible. There is no need to go into detail, but it is possible to find some explanations about the cases in Twitter.
The world game has started to separate the bad weeds in its structure, let’s see where the next case that surprises us will break out.

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