Crytek reveals a new map for Hunt: Showdown and it looks pretty good

Hunt: Showdown will get a new map soon and it was revealed in Twitch Con. During that event, Crytek let two streamers to test the new map and apparently, it will be a huge addition to this already engaging and exciting game. The timing is perfect, many players wanted this. And a game like Hunt: Showdown needed something new. A new map is probably the best thing to offer to the current player base.

Well, I do not have to talk too much about it as you can see it yourselves on the official reveal video. So, without further ado, I present to you the Lawson Delta map:

As you can see, the artwork is the same with the old map. Many people complained about this but I strongly believe that it is the best choice to keep the atmosphere of the game alive. I have already seen a couple of sweet spots to have crazy fights with other players. And I can say that I will be looking forward to play in this map.

Stay tuned for more!

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