Henry Cavill will play as Geralt in the new The Witcher Netflix Series

The new face for White Wolf is officially announced. According to Netflix and the producer of the series Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has confirmed this news. And it seems like they are pretty happy about it. We do know that Henry Cavill had already informed us about his eagerness to take the role as he was a big fan of the books and the games. And right now, he seems to have achieved this goal.

Lauren Hissrich, showrunner of the series, indicates that she feels pretty comfortable about this decision: “He IS Geralt. He always have been. […] I’m so thrilled to welcome HENRY CAVILL to the Witcher family.”

If he will be able to hold the burden of a huge community like the Witcher fan base is a big question. But personally, I can say that he looks pretty promising. He has the physics needed for the role and he can reflect the face of a monster hunter. However, there’s one thing which can be a big question for fans of the games: the voice of Geralt. Yes, for those who like the books, this would mean nothing. But for others who are pretty accustomed to hearing Geralt with that deep voice, this might be… interesting.

We will see in the future if this works out and if we will be able to enjoy the series. For now, we cannot say anything certain But knowing that Lauren Hissrich is involved makes me feel much more comfortable to be honest.

Stay tuned for more!

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