A mass shooting takes place at Madden 19 e-sports tournament in Jacksonville Florida

An unfortunate event took place during an e-sports tournament in Florida. Three people have been killed and more than ten people were injured during a mass shooting in Jacksonville Landing where the NFL 19 E-sports Tournament was held.

After the unexpected incident, Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams gave a couple of brief press conferences. During the first media conference at 4:30 PM, Sheriff Williams confirmed that the area was secure and the only suspect was a white male who was found dead at the scene, supposedly killed himself. After investigating the incident, the police found out that the shooter have resided in Baltimore, Maryland and FBI has started searching his house along with his car which was still in Jacksonville.

After the incident, many companies and individuals expressed their feelings on Twitter and other social media platforms to show their support for the victims and their families:

The main motive of the shooter is still unknown and the investigations still continue. For the most reliable and official updates, you can follow the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office twitter account.

This is a really sad and shocking news. As Game News Plus family, we send our deepest sympathies to all the victims and participants of the tournament and their families. We hope that in gaming world, things like this will never happen again and as a strong community, we will only focus on enjoying ourselves without violence, without any heartbreaking news.

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