Guns of Icarus Alliance is now free for a limited time on Humble Bundle

Another game is free now on Humble Bundle for you to enjoy. This time, a team-based airship battle game, Guns of Icarus Alliance is free if you get it now. You will be able to keep it as yours forever.

First thing you should do is to get a Humble Bundle account, if you already have one, you can use it. Go to the Humble Bundle website and click on Add to Cart then Checkout with the game in your basket. Then, you will receive an e-mail with you Steam key. You can also preview that on Humble Bundle page without opening your e-mail account. After using the code and activating the game on your Steam account, you will keep it forever and play it whenever you want to.

The game offers a steampunk setting in which you will control airships with your friends. You will play as crew members and try to handle the airship without problems by distributing roles between players. It’s more or less like Sea of Thieves. Here is a trailer if you want to know more:

Enjoy your free game and stay tuned for more!

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