World of Warcraft Classic detailed in a blog post

In a recent dev blog post, Blizzard shared some new details and some of the challenges and solutions the team is working on about the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic.

The process of restoring the classic game is not straightforward, and it’s important to us to take the time and effort to get it right.

Blizzard decided on Patch 1.12: Drums of War as our foundation, because it represents the most complete version of the classic experience. After that, the team started to restore the original development database from archival backups. After that, there came the stage of creating characters and do basic questing and leveling.

Clearly we had a lot of work to do to make WoW Classic live up to the Blizzard standard of quality, and deliver the experience players want.

At this time, Patch 1.12  was running internally and the team wondered if they took their modern code, with all its back-end improvements and changes, and used it to process the Patch 1.12 game data? After some experiments, they’ve seen that they can achieve that while keeping classic systems like skill ranks, old quests and terrain, talents, and so on.

It is clear that the team is working hard on World of Warcraft Classic really hard and it is indeed a messy job. But, Blizzard promises an authentic classic experience on a platform that is much more optimized and stable.

It is stated that additional improvements will include modern anti-cheat/botting detection, customer service and integration, and similar conveniences that do not affect the core gameplay experience.

Stay tuned!

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