Taco Gun – An upcoming PvP party game about shooting your friends up with tacos

Taco Gun is an upcoming up to 4 player PvP party game developed by Floating Island Studios and published by eNVy softworks.

The game puts you in the shoes of a mexican pistolero and requires you to fight against your friends in a very absurd and funny world. In this world, you will use food as bullets and in order to take down an enemy, you need to shoot your enemies with tacos. Yes, you heard that right.

Taco Gun features 8 different levels where you need to shoot down your friends with food until they explode. There are 7 different characters with unique abilities and weapons you can choose.

The gameplay looks highly enjoyable with dazzling mustaches and flying cows. It is a bullet mayhem where you will ruin your friendships. Here are the key features of Taco Gun:

  • 2-4 Player PvP foodfight chaos in Local Multiplayer

  • 8 Insane levels to lather up with food. Nothing is sacred.

  • 7 crazy pistoleros fighting for survival

  • An amazing soundtrack to rock to as your friends explode all around you.

  • 3 different game modes with more to come!

  • nsane food-themed abilities for each pistolero

  • Multiple different power ups

  • A fitting comic-book art style for this comically intense game

  • Mutators to >spice< up your game!

Taco Gun will be available on May 17th for PC and you can check the Steam page by visiting here.

Stay tuned!

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