Daemonical – An asymmetrical horror multiplayer game

Trust is optional, death is not.

Daemonical is an upcoming asymmetrical horror multiplayer game developed by Fearem and published by Gamifier. The game features a group of people who find an unfinished demon summoning ritual. Well, what to do when you find an unfinished demon summoning ritual? You finish it.

While playing the game, we must find a way to send it back to hell or end up slaughtered. The thing is that no one knows who has been possessed by the demon. Can you trust any of your friends? How can you be sure that they are not the devil? Well, this is why the trust is optional.

In order to exorcise the demon, we need to find the missing ritual components and bring them back to the altar. Until the sun rises, you need to hide and survive since the sun banishes the demon. You can use fire, which hurts the demon, or weapons and tools hidden around the island to your advantage.

You need to know that the demon can not be killed but can be crippled, stalled and distracted. The demon’s only goal is to kill all the humans and prevent them from finishing the ritual.

While we are playing humans in first-person, demon is played in the third-person. Here are the key features of the game:

  • Asymmetrical multiplayer
  • First person and third person playing mode
  • Dynamic time of day and weather system
  • Most of the map is procedurally generated
  • Tools and weapons randomly placed across the map
  • Big open landscapes
  • Positional voice communication
  • Fully customizable characters
  • Interesting locations and landmarks
  • Nonlinear gameplay
  • The most terrifying hide and seek experience in gaming
  • Scare your friends, or get scared with your friends!
  • Multi-platform Support (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Daemonical is aiming a 2018 Steam Early Access launch. The game’s Steam page is already live for you to visit.

Stay tuned!

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