Amazon Prime members on Twitch will get many free games in the future

We know that Twitch has given many games for free for the Twitch Prime members in the past. Now, they are expanding the borders of the free games idea. And the best part is the fact that the games were chosen by members themselves when Twitch presented them a list of games. Let’s take a loot at the Twitch blog post about this new feature of Twitch Prime shall we?

“Here’s the full Free Games with Prime lineup for March:

· Superhot

· Shadow Tactics

· Tales from Candlekeep

· Oxenfree

· Mr. Shifty

And be sure to come back in April because our next Free Games with Prime collection will be available:

· Tales from the Borderlands

· SteamWorld Dig 2

· Kingsway

· Tokyo 42

· Dubwars”

Just like PS Plus free games or Games With Gold of Xbox, PC now has a way to get free games each month by subscribing to Twitch. This new feature will be called ‘Free Games with Prime’ and apparently, we will hear more from them. However, you should be a Twitch Prime Member and you will probably have to use the Twitch Desktop App to be able to get the free games.

So, get ready to see more news about Twitch Prime and don’t forget to stay tuned for more free games in the future as we will keep a close eye on Free Games with Prime.

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