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Survival management game Dead in Vinland is coming soon

Today, Playdius announced that their survival/management game, Dead in Vinland is getting ready to launch on Steam on April 12.

Dead in Vinland is a survival/management game with RPG and adventure elements. The game tells the story of Eirik and his family while they are trying to survive on exile. The game requires to watch over their mental health while exploring the island, organize our camp, deal with other human beings and discover esoteric mysteries of the game.

Here are the key features of Dead in Vinland:

  • Deep survival management simulation: Resources, food, health, diseases, water, weather…
  • Challenging and turn based: Take your time and make the best decisions to adapt to the situation!
  • Build your camp! 14 camp stations to build and 130+ upgrades.
  • Live your own adventure: 14 playable characters, dialogue choices, personal stories, betrayals, romances…
  • Story-driven: Discover an unknown island and unveil its many secrets to help you defeat the infamous tyrant Björn “Headcleaver”.
  • Non linear quest system, impactful dialogue choices, dynamic endings.
  • Full RPG system: usable objects, skills to upgrade, characters to level-up, character traits…
  • Tactical turn-based combat system: a new tactical turn-based combat system, level ups, skills, powered by a deep characters traits system.

Dead in Vinland’s Steam page is already live and the game will be purchasable on April 12. Stay tuned!

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