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Newt One – A colorful nonviolent 3D platformer

It is our belief that games can make lives better – and happier! We lovingly craft nonviolent, colorful games with a focus on music.

Well, it is not something you can come across everyday in gaming industry. A two-man team from Minneapolis, DevNAri, set their heart on creating nonviolent games and as a result, Newt One was born.

Newt One is a colorful, lively, nonviolent 3D platformer which requires you to bring life to the game world. In a colorful environment filled with music, Newt One’s purpose is to generate happiness. While playing the game, we will step into the shoes of Newt who is a new tone in a musical land that has fallen to the Great Slumber. With Newt, we will bring life to this depressing world of Slumber. We will restore and shape this world with colors and music.

Here are the key features of the game:

  • Restore your realm’s music, life, and color!
  • Enchanting music that adapts to the world
  • Completely Nonviolent gameplay
  • Cute, memorable art style
  • Innovative 3D Platforming fun
  • 4 unique Worlds each with 6 levels

On Feb 14th Valentines Day, Newt One will be available on Utomik, which brings a weekly growing library of 700+ hand-picked games to the gamers around the world. Utomik also offers you a 14-days free trial to check out the library of AAA Classics, indie, casual, retro, adventure and kids games.

Stay tuned for more!

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Written by Emine Öztürk

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