Black Desert Online is free to play for the weekend

Black Desert Online is a game with a really interesting combat and crafting system which is played by many gamers around the world. And we have good news for people who always wanted to try it. It has been a Pay to Play game and now, Pearl Abyss has made it free to test during the weekend.

There are probably many gamers who wanted to try this game and didn’t have the guts to buy it without trying it. Like it was with many other games, this is a good opportunity to decide if it is good for you or not. You can now play the game starting today until Monday, January 29th.

The game is free on Steam for now. And the only thing you have to do is to add it to your library and start playing. Oh, also, it will be on discount of 50%

So enjoy the free weekend and stay tuned for more!

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