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60 Parsecs! is an upcoming roguelite space survival by Robot Gentleman

You can never be ready for this one.

Heading to space and feel like leaving some crew behind to make room for more rations? Based on our absolutely scientific research*, one adult human is the equivalent of approximately 206 cans of soup. And a sock puppet.

Do you guys remember 60 Seconds!? It is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival game by Robot Gentleman. The game hit Steam in 2015 and now there is an upcoming sequel.

60 Parsecs! is the upcoming space-bound sequel to 60 Seconds! The game is a roguelite space survival title and demands us to make difficult choices, keep the crew alive and face the horrors of space. And, it looks awfully cute.

After a haphazard evacuation from the malfunctioning space station, a crew of astronauts gets stranded among the stars. Here are the key features of the game:

    • Scavenge, plan and survive: Live with the decisions you make in your 60 seconds of frantic
      scavenging as you embark on an adventure that’s like The Oregon Trail meets The Sims in the atomic
      space age.
    • Survival like you’ve never seen it before: Chart your course for a casual, darkly comedic and story-driven take on the survival genre, that blends sci-fi pop culture of the ‘50s and ‘60s with Cold War propaganda.
    • Explore the vastness of space: Experience a procedural, non-linear story, incorporating roguelite elements for short but intense play sessions.
    • Craft your own story: Tackle hundreds of story-based events with a diverse cast of characters,resulting in an endless stream of space-faring narratives.

60 Parsecs! is aiming a 2018 launch on PC and other major consoles. Stay tuned for more!

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