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Scorn gets a video showcasing its horrors and looks for support on Kickstarter

Scorn, a terrifying horror game which is supported by Unreal Engine 4 is being developed at the moment. It looks pretty promising with many features that will terrify many people. Described as a atmospheric horror game, it perfectly pushes the limits of being ‘terrifying’ or ‘disturbing’. Instead of being a simple horror game featuring only monsters and a classic gruesome atmosphere, Scorn in fact offers a unique world which is literally an outcome of a sick imagination. I am not trying to exaggerate or judge the game of being too ‘something‘. On the contrary, the level design and the weird monster-like weapons are the best examples of capacity of a sick imagination.

Excuse me fellas. But even if I used my whole horror related English vocabulary – which is pretty limited – I would never be able to describe what is shown on the video. The best would be to watch it and decide.

The Gore is Strong With This One

This 8 minutes of gameplay video particularly showcases the atmosphere which will haunt our dreams. We have seen many disturbing and terrifying games in the horror game history, of course. But the darkest corners of a mind can always surprise us. In this video, we can see the perfect proof of a dark mind with a dark imagination. The gore, the gruesome atmosphere with disgusting but impressive weapons form an unconventional unity. Thus, this game will be horrifyingly beautiful if you ask me.

Other than the game itself, developing a game is not an easy job, as we all already know. And it is not cheap either. But thankfully, Kickstarter is a thing and it is pretty efficient when it comes to game development funding. So, Ebb Studios have decided to put the title on Kickstarter. If you would like to support them, you can go ahead and check out the website. Moreover, all the supporters will be able to play the demo as soon as the crowd funding campaign ends. Which is a good excuse to give them the support if you are interested in horror games.

Although we are pretty sure that it will launch sometime in 2018, we do not know, unfortunately, the exact date. However, we will keep an eye on it and wait impatiently until that time when we will have to check our butts to see if there has been an unexpected problem down there or not.

Stay tuned fellas!

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