You New Pokédex is a Pokémon in Sun and Moon

You New Pokédex is a Pokémon in Sun and Moon

Actually, it is a pokémon that lives inside the human-made electronic devices such as radios, washing machines, refigirators and the like. Its name is Rotom and it is cute. You can now ask where to go to your Pokédex, chatting with this cute little thing (Does this make Siri a Pokémon? Nevermind). Look at it:

And look at its Pokédex form:
There is a video about Rotom, along with new lands to explore and two new legendary Pokémons: Solgaleo and Lunaala. The new land is Alola, resembling with Hawaii in real world; and it includes new friends: Hau and Lillie. Here is the video:

Pokémon: Sun and Moon will be out in Christmas for 3DS.

(Source: Eurogamer)

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