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Well, we are all aware that two players couldn’t see each other while they are standing at the exact same spot on the exact same planet. Seeing each other is one thing but, Hello Games is more than happy these two players found each other since they thought there is nearly zero chance of meeting in No Man’s Sky. And Sean Murray’s mind has blown with the news.

But, according to Sean Murray, 10 million species discovered over one night! Who needs another players when you have these creatures? Just look at them!

Reddit user soundn3ko has found this thing. Sir, has anyone told you that your head looks like something that I can not mention here?

Thanks to Reddit user octopusslayer, we have a chance to see an alien mudskipper.

Reddit user vvintaa has found a creature which I can ride into the battle.

And there is this fox-like creature. There is surely an anglerfish in the family. Thanks to rsbrowndog for sharing this.

And thanks to Reddit user megathread, here is s creature from our worst nightmares.

Thanks, gamesradar.


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