We’ve Finally Learned PlayStation VR’s Price

We’ve Finally Learned PlayStation VR’s Price

After months of secrecy, Sony Computer Entertainment finally announced the price of PlayStation VR. The announcement is made at Game Developers Conference and additional details about the headset were given along with the price.

The price is $399, which is way more cheap than its competitors HTC Vive ($799) and Oculus Rift ($599).

Here is the official video announcement:

The headset will be available in October 2016 and through the end of the year, “over fifty” games will be released for it; along with The PlayRoom VR, which is a free VR party game. For the curious, here is the gameplay. Seems fun:

By the way, the cheap price does not include PlayStation Camera, which is necessary for the system to work. So you can add an additional $59 to the price tag (still cheaper).

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