We Saw You HL3, in SteamVR Performance Tool Files

We Saw You HL3, in SteamVR Performance Tool Files

I will personally scream “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” when the game Half-Life 3 is officially announced. AAAAAA, not like the same titled game but like the beheaded kamikazers in Serious Sam series, a neverending scream of joy and madness (and death). That is exactly why I will never stop reading & writing about every little conspiracy theory about the long-awaited game.


This time, it looks more serious (I don’t know how many times the gaming news community have used this phrase) because the name HL3 can be found in the newly released SteamVR Performance Tool files. I, for myself, always thought that HL3 would be a game-changer and must be somewhat connected to the VR experience. Valve can use HL3 to sell Vive, maybe –BUT THESE ARE MY OPINIONS, so please do not take them seriously. Here are the entries in those files, for the curious (credit goes here):

c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga mesharedhl3hl3_vscriptgamesystem.cpp…….VScr iptServerHL3
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3npc_quest_citizen.cpp…CNPC_QuestCi tizen::DisplayDialogString..m_DialogStringDisplayD ropShadow
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3partial_entity_manager.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procedural_spawn_constraint.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3utllogicconstraintsolver.h
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procedural_spawn_manager.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3entity_persist.h
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procedural_spawn_target.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procedural_spawn_template.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procedural_spawn_volume.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procspawn_bias_line.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procspawn_modifier.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3procspawn_variable.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga mesharedhl3imposter_manager.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3npc_turret_ceiling_pulse.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3point_quest_goal.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3prop_fixed.cpp
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga meserverhl3gravity_vortex_controller.h
c:buildslavevrgdc2015_staging_win64buildsrcga mesharedhl3hl3_vscriptgamesystem.cpp

Ok, let’s make something clear again guys&gals: This DOES NOT mean that Half-Life 3 will ever be released. For Gabe N. is both merciful and cruel, we cannot say anything solid about the game’s release. But there is hope, I guess; for we must admit that these are interesting findings (or a troll programmer).


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