Better late than never! Our bewitched horror walking simulator Outlast thrilled us again with two gameplay videos from its second game. The first game put us in a mental institute as a curious journalist (a finger-dropping experience, we might disgustedly add), and the second game will put us into the fields and eerie, old houses of American Midwest. As a journalist, of course; otherwise what would an HD camera do in our backpack? Yes, in the new game, our camera will be HD so it will drain the batteries more quickly. Yay… Watch the videos now. Do not blame us for the scares:

We can see that the maps are more open-world enviroments while still keeping the smothering atmosphere. And from what we have seen, we can easily say that Outlast 2 will be far more disturbing from the first game.

I love horror games. Both playing and talking about. But my friends probably would start being terrified right now, for I will make them watch me play! Mwhaha! Ehm.


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