Everything changed when the meteor hit.

Magalan; the beautiful planet which was advanced in technology, civilized and home to billions, supposed to have a brilliant future. Now, you have to fight to survive.

With the meteor, there came Elex. A limited power source that can power machines, open door to magic and re-shape life itself. You may know the ELEX as the game which we can use both guns and swords. And magic, of course.

According to Nordic Games and Piranha Bytes, ELEX is a brand new post-apocalyptic science fantasy universe which offers us a vast, seamless game world full of interesting characters, mutated creatures, deep moral choices and of course, some thrilling action. Everything we hope for.

Magalan, the completely open game world of ELEX, was home to a highly developed civilisation until a catastrophic meteor strike devastated the planet, reducing it to a post-apocalyptic world. The meteor also deposited a substance that is now found in nearly everything: Elex, and each faction uses it in a different way. Every inhabitant of the world is constantly looking for Elex, whether as a substance with magical powers, to use in a weapon or as a pure stimulant.

The most charming part of the game is that we can wield a sword or use a laser gun, we can use magic in a world advenced in science but also highly fantastic. If science and fantasy had a baby, it would be ELEX. This game surprisingly combines so many contrast features, brings us a new world we can’t imagine.

We’ve been thinking about the setting for ELEX for almost 10 years, and we finally have the chance to implement our ideas. The mix of sci-fi and fantasy offers an incredible number of opportunities and cool contrasts that we can play around with. The fans of Gothic or Risen will recognise our unique game philosophy and ELEX builds on that solid basis. ELEX will be the most dynamic and realistic RPG sim ever!

ELEX is different than everything we have experienced so far. Combinig sci-fi with fantasy, making us decide which way to go, offering an AI which is perfectly logical, giving us a chance to experience a complex combat system with total control on our character, JETPACKS and of course, making us question our decisions since they effect the cause of the entire game.

Hopefully, ELEX will be out in 2017 and open a door to another dimension for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more detailed information, visit here.


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