Tides of Numenera: An Early Access Title

Tides of Numenera: An Early Access Title

The long-awaited spiritual successor of the Planescape: Torment has finally made its appearance on Steam. Torment: Tides of Numenera, now an Early Access title, is letting players play the first part of the game only. Which is a good call, we might add, for Torment is a story-driven experience:

“You are born falling from orbit, a new mind in a body once occupied by the Changing God, a being who has cheated death for millennia. If you survive, your journey through the Ninth World will only get stranger… and deadlier.”

Although it is a risky strategy to release games, inXile surely knows how to handle an Early Access process well; thanks to Wasteland 2, which was released after a productive and successful beta period.

We cannot wait to experience the Ninth World with all of its oddities & beauties!

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