First person puzzler game The Witness is giving troubles to the developers.

I can’t even think of how to react this. Think of that you are one of the developers of a high-pirated game. Would you be proud or upset about it? Well, I would be honored of course but at the end of the day, I would be still needing money to continue my job as a developer.

Developer Jonathan Blow announced that The Witness is one of the most pirated games on one of the most popular Torrent sites. Blow is happy about how we like it and how we choose it over other puzzler games but he indicated that if we don’t pay for it, he can not make another game without sufficent profit. As my personal opinion, I am aware that the games costs us much, more than we can afford sometimes, but there is so much effort and work in this, plus production works are the worse, I think we always must return developers’ favor and avoid piracy as a way to show how grateful we are to them for letting us have such experiences.

Blow also said that he is now thinking about adding digital rights management to the future games. He said:

I don’t like DRM because I think people should have the freedom to own things they bought, but I also want to design video games.

Also, there is another message from Blow. If you are stuck and trying to find answers you should probably see this:

I see a lot of people going to forums immediately if they can’t figure something out, Don’t do that! It makes the experience a lot worse. You are smart; you can do it! If you don’t know now, sleep on it. Take a walk. Watch a good movie, or go to a different puzzle!



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