Think of a future which is not bright at all. All the disaster, failure, disappointment and misery. Think of a far future which we fail to secure for ourselves. With all the advanced technology, we fail to save our precious world. Let it die, let it die with all life on it, saving a little. What is left behind is a handful of people and only hope is to find a new home to settle down, to sustain the race of mankind.

How mesmerizing it is that in most of the dystopian stories we always manage to destroy the most important thing for us, the world. All the advanced technology and science couldn’t stop us achieving it. And this is what we are going to experience, if InSomnia hits its goal on Kickstarter.

InSomnia is a dystopian dieselpunk RPG, from the indie developer Studio MONO. A single player/co-op RPG in a retro-futuristic world, moving through the universe. The game is on Kickstarter again to secure the funds required to finish it. Lead deveoper Anatoliy Guyduk had a point to make about this second campaign:

“It was no easy decision to return to Kickstarter. After evaluating the progress made on the project, thanks to the funds from our previous Kickstarter campaign and the over £100,000 we’ve spent out of our own pockets, we’ve got to a point where we need additional funding. The money’s for one final push to take the game past the current Prologue Chapter we have released to the public.

“We switched from Ogre 3D to UE4, and are thrilled with the improvements in both the visuals and the performance of the game. The Prologue Chapter, which is up to four hours long – depending on how much you explore and do, will show you how passionate we all are for InSomnia. We hope that you’ll support us in our dieselpunk inspired journey, one last time!”

InSomnia is set on a semi-deserted interplanetary space station. A space metropolis actually, moving towards the distant, ghost-like Evacuation Point for the past 400 years, only carrying the hope of survival of mankind. The game offers you the features which you can see below:

•Multi-layered role playing game
•Dark retro-futuristic setting
•Hardcore gameplay
•Non-linear story
•Colossal space metropolis to explore
•Realistic combat system
•Generated quests and events
•Atmospheric ambient soundtrack

InSomnia already has been Greenlit by Steam Community. Now has £5,871 with 342 backers and 29 days to go. The goal is £55,000. So, let your wallet decide and if it is possible, let us dive in InSomnia’s retrofuturistic dark world.

You can watch the Kickstarter video below and go check the campaign here.

If campaign hits the goal, InSomnia will be out for PC. If I must say something about it, I would not dare to think a dark future could be so beautiful.

Oh. and before finishing, I must say you need to try the demo! Go here and check it out!

–Hello there! Erdil here, and I checked out the demo like Emine said. My first impressions are:

  • Atmosphere is very, very good. It captures you from the first moment. 
  • Music is mesmerizing. It supports the atmosphere and is little “Diablo-esque”, which is a good thing.
  • Voiceovers are good, at least the main character’s. 
  • Graphics are, because of the Unreal Engine 4, spectacular.
  • Art design is striking, if Fallout and Bioshock had a baby that would be InSomnia (which is profoundly admirable).
  • Inventory system and items reminded me Hellgate: London, simple and useful.
  • Fighting mechanics did not show much at the demo, but they are not discomfortable. Animations are a little weak, but the melee fighting is more than satisfactory. I can’t say the same for the shooting mechanics though, they seem a bit off. But hey, the game is in development and there will probably be improvements. 
  • I am a curious person and what urges me to play my most beloved games had always been their potential of arousing my curiosity. That being said, I am VERY curious about this game and its story. Congrats, Studio MONO. I hope you’ll be successful in your Kickstarter campaign. 


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