Behold, child, you are risen from the dust, and you walk in my garden. Hear now my voice, and know that I am your maker; and I am called ELOHIM. Seek me in my temple, if you are worthy.

Talos Principle is a first-person puzzle video game by the developers of Serious Sam series, Croteam. It has a deep philosophical storyline with great visuals. You are a robot with human consciousness, trying to uncover the story by solving puzzles which are getting harder and harder to solve. Elohim, claims to be your maker, has created several environments for you to discover on your path to enlightenment.

Even if you are not into puzzles, Talos Princible is the one you need to try. You will eventually bond to the game in an emotional level, I tell you.

According to a tweet shared by Damir Đurović while he was the Nordic Games Conference, Talos Principle 2 is on the way. Croteam retweeted it so there is hope for us.

If the answer does not come to you, do not despair. The worlds of my garden are many.



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