STRAFE is Back!

STRAFE is Back!

A year ago; the Kickstarter campaign of a pixelated, old school game started with a weird and gorgeous trailer. The game was STRAFE, giving the promise of procedurally generated levels, and pure 90s FPS fun -and its funding was successful. The trailer was… intense and if you did not watch it, you must:

That was quite an experience, wasn’t it? The developers, Pixel Titans, by the way, celebrated the campaign’s anniversary with a Twitch stream in which they talked about the process of their game and answered questions. They even released a flyer to announce this event. And a new, weird and gorgeous video is also released:

We give you the levels, you paint them red.” say the deveopers. “Affirmative!” we say, and wait for this pixelated carnage of extreme fun.

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Open-world dweller, amateur writer & musician and a passionate supporter of the Adressing Oneself in Second Person is Ridiculous club.

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