March 31, 1998

“Welcome to Mar Sara, Megistrate”


It all started with this sentence and became an addiction for millions of players around the world. I was one of them and yes, I was one of those nerds who waited for a new game for 12 years. Starcraft and Starcraft II are the best real – time strategy game of all times for me. If you haven’t tried it yet, (silence of a deep pain) just try it, you’ll like it I promise. Now, you have my word so, you can feel safe to buy it, because I’m trustworthy and Blizzard started a sale for all three Starcraft II chapters for a limited time.

You can pick up Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm for %50 off, or the latest chapter, Legacy of the Void, for %25 off! Check it here.

This sale began on May, 11 and ends on May, 18.

“En Taro Adun, Executor!”
“My life for Aiur!”


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