For most of the series’ fans, the downfall of Resident Evil had started with the 4th game. Whether we like them or not, the differences between first three games and the others is a non-negligible fact. I, for one, could not finish the 4th one. It was a beautiful game; but besides the lack of the terrorizing atmosphere of the first three, Ashley Graham was downright annoying for me. We all love co-op, but hate babysitting some bad hat AI (especially in a horror game), don’t we?* I dropped the game like a mic after her appereance, I liked being alone.

Capcom’s announcement states that the games will be $20 each and will start releasing in March 29; with the latest title, Resident Evil 6. Let’s watch the announcement video:

We all love remakes, and to be sincere, this is a great opportunity –especially if you’ve somehow missed these titles. Under a different name, they are pretty good action/survival games with great characters and plot. But they are not Resident Evil and certainly not survival-horror, if we must cite a general opinion amongst the fans (I am with you, fans).

*I must exclude Alyx Vance from this generalization; for she was not a bad hat, but a badass. If you can think of another not-annoying sidekicks; don’t be shy, let us know in the comments.


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