Here and back again!

We all know the history. When P.T. was cancelled, Allison Road gave us all hope. And then, Allison Road was gone, too. A first-person horror game which would scare the crap out of us was cancelled. But do not despair! According to creator Christian Kesler, he will continue his project with his new studio, Far From Home.

“It did take a bit of soul searching to find the drive again to work on Allison Road and to simply make a call on what to do next. After the setback, I took a bit of a break from working on it and re-evaluated all the work that had been done so far—the whole journey, so to speak. I started making a few (in my opinion) necessary changes to the story and the flow, little bits and pieces here and there, and before I knew it, it sort of naturally came back to life.

For our gameplay trailer, I did all the modeling, texturing, shaders, lighting, etc., and thankfully a lot of the mechanics are already implemented from the previous development phase, so I can comfortably take the game forward by myself. If and when it comes to a point where new features and mechanics are required, or old ones need changing, I’ll go look for support.

So, yes! We have no idea when, but Allison Road is coming!



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