Have you ever heard of Philip K. Dick? Some may know him as a sci-fi writer who went delirious but if you are like me, you will know him as the greatest milestone in sci-fi history who leads you to adventures you can never dream of.

While I was reading the Colony, a short story written by Philip K. Dick, I was shocked with the idea of an alien life form which is capable of mimicry of all kinds of objects. The objects were so perfect to differ from the original ones, I can’t help but feel vulnerable. What if your phone you hold in your hand everyday, isn’t really your phone one day? What if it starts to turn into a black smokey creature and climb your arm? Well, I guess it is time to experience it, huh?

Prey, now has a gameplay trailer shared at the opening of QuakeCon 2016. The smokey creature which was turning into a chair and a mug at the previous trailer, now has more to show. Alone in a space station we see, but not alone. Imagine you can’t even trust your coffee mug!

I’m totally into this new Prey game. Here, watch the gameplay trailer below:

Prey will hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017.


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