Well, Jimmy. I salute you.

Before everything, you just need to ask yourselves one question. Who is Sharlto Copley? If you know him, you know that he is awsome already. But if you don’t, you deserve a ‘shame walk’.

Sharlto Copley first appeared on screen in Alive in Joburg but most of us get to see him first as Wikus Van De Merwe in District 9. It was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and Copley turned it a piece of art with perfect acting. He was in A-Team as Murdock (Howling Mad) and he was totally insane. He was in Elysium as Kruger and he made the movie watchable. He was in Chappie as Chappie and what can I say? It was perfect. So, I guess I made my point. He is the man.

Maybe you are wondering why I mentioned about this man so much. Here is why: He is the new free playable character in Payday 2, as Jimmy. Jimmy is totally insane, uses pair of SMGs and Specialist knives. Also,Jimmy has a new website for himself which you can visit and learn more about him.

To celebrate this news, there is a short movie which you will totally enjoy.

Jimmy Character Pack is live now and will be followed by Hardcore Henry Heists on March 31st.


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