Portal and Half-Life Movies are “Still Happening”

Portal and Half-Life Movies are “Still Happening”

We wouldn’t be excited, if the director wasn’t J.J. Abrams. Although he did a great job in directing the new Star Wars, we sci-fi lovers are mostly thankful for Fringe (and Walter Bishop of course).

In an IGN interview, Abrams states that Portal and Half-Life films are still in development. You can watch it yourself near the 0:57 mark but beware: The video contains a big spoiler about The Force Awakens if you choose to continue watching after the statement:

Frankly, I don’t want a Half-Life movie. I don’t know, but I have a feeling that Gordon Freeman is not a suitable character for the white screen. It could happen, but not in Hollywood; where redundant heroes and spastic villains have babies… But I am OK with a Portal movie. Please suprise us J.J. Abrams, for you have the potential; because we cannot help but get excited –no matter how atrocious game movies can be.

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