Shadwen, a new stealth game from the developers of  the Trine series, is now giving us a chance to reduce the price of the game.

According to the developers, Shadwen will return stealth game genre back to its roots. It is a big claim, also a promising one. While playing Shadwen, we will be controlling an assassin on her quest to kill the king. But while she is on the way, she encounters with an ophan named Lily. Lily never leaves your side and I guess you can say, she is your conscience in a human form because when you are thinking about taking an action, you must always think that Lily is watching you. Only thing about this game is, you must stay hidden.

Now, we know that after Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power, Frozenbyte had some hard time. Some of the gamers complained about that it was too short and it was too expensive. I am a huge fan of the Trine series so, I loved it and still waiting it to continue.

Now, there is our chance everybody. We have the power to reduce the Shadwen‘s price if we play the demo! ‘Play the demo, drop the launch price‘ they say! So what are we waiting for? You can visit Steam, GoG and Humblebundle and play the demo until February 29.


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