Werewolf, the game which plants evil seeds in your mind is now becoming Ubisoft‘s next VR game.

Most of you know about Werewolf, and if you don’t, you know the similar ones. A group of people sits in a room (forming a circle) and each person is assigned a role by drawing a card or a paper. Everyone roleplays medieval villagers except the one or two who are disguised as villagers. These people are actually werevolves and their purpose is to stay hidden and kill as many villagers as possible. And this is the point we learn how the real suspicion and betrayal feels like.

Now the developer Red Storm is getting ready to show us how it will feel like on VR with their new project, Werevolves Within. The game (as expected) will be multiplayer and we’ll able to create private rooms. Online matchmaking will mostly match us with friends on our friend list.

We’ll see other players in third person. The noteworthy part is that our character will make hand gestures based of our volume or tone as we speak. Other than that, we can control our character with a controller.

We can mark people suspicious and they will have an exclamation point on their head which everybody can see but the one with the mark. We can also have private chat by leaning toward someone sitting beside us. By doing that, other people will not hear what we are talking about. Standing up will mute everyone for 10 seconds so, standing one can talk in peace.

Werewolves Within will be out in this fall.


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