Inside all of us, there is a part that constantly wants to be a spy. Now, here is your chance.

Need to Know is a ‘mass surveillance thriller game’ as the developers announced, simply it is a game that let’s you spy on people. You can spy on their texts, emails, geodata and much more. Yes, it is a lot like Person of Interest, the TV series. You are a member of Department of Liberty and you are to decide whether they are dangerous or not.

Need to Know emphasises story, and will sculpt the crushing growth of our real-world surveillance society into a meaningful, gripping journey. It critiques the system by passing the uncomfortable (or too comfortable?) mantle of power onto your shoulders, and testing which choices you’ll make. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll sweat bullets under the searing blaze of an interrogation lamp.

In my opinion; this game is a mirror, showing how our assumed privacy is a huge lie. Also, a tool to satisfy our hunger for others’ privacy.

Above all else, your primary goal at the Department of Liberty is to find the mysterious figures responsible for the initial terrorist attack. Clues for this central case are buried throughout the story.

Also, there is another noteworthy part of this game as you can see above: terrorist attacks. You are the one who can see this action before happening and save other people. There will be a lot of weight on your shoulders and this is the thriller part of the game, I suppose.

Need to Know is now on Steam Greenlight and there is a Kickstarter campaign for the game. You can go, show your support after watching the trailer below:


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